About Me

Age: 29

Height: 5'0

Current equine sport:  Dressage

Previous equine sport: Eventing

Highest level shown in Eventing: Beginner Novice

Highest level shown in Dressage: First Level

In my previous equine lives, I was a:  hunter, IHSA competitor, licensed Thoroughbred racehorse groom, occasional Thoroughbred two-year-old rider and very occasional Thoroughbred galloper.

When I'm not at the barn I'm:  at my CrossFit gym

Professionally, I'm a: Practice lead for end user computing at a virtualization-focused computer engineering firm

Most embarrassing equine story: On my first day of college, I put on my brand new half chaps in the morning...backwards...and wore them like that all day until my future best friend Mary told me I had them on wrong.


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