December 30, 2009

Who is Cob Jockey?

Meet Cob Jockey, the Equine Chameleon: me.  Jen.  I'm a senior equine studies/digital media major who never quite found a niche in the horse world despite dabbling in everything from exercising Thoroughbreds to hunter seat equitation.  Unlike my classmates who've shown and taken lessons in a specific discipline since they could walk, all I know is that I like jumping, I love riding crazy sport ponies, and I hate any sport with subjective judging.  I've never had the chance to event but I've always wanted to, and now that I'm graduating I'm buying an eventing pony and taking the plunge.  But I also want to try endurance, skijoring, cutting, ride-n-tie, polo...and so I present: the Equine Chameleon!

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