March 27, 2010


I've introduced lateral movements and Shae is confused and frustrated.  He's trying so hard, and is doing well with it, but he it's like he doesn't trust himself and he doesn't like failing people.  Now that we've established that I want him to go forward, he tries to trot out of the lateral work as a peace offering and I have to keep shutting him down.  I'm afraid of creating a hard-mouthed horse, because he really won't listen to me when he does that and I have to take more of a hold of his mouth than I'd like.  At the trot and canter, he really loses his mind and gets so flustered, so I've decided to get him solid at the walk before we move on.  I still think he has a problem with the idea that I control him.

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  1. He's still young and still learning. So take a breath!

    I would take it slow and think through the movement completely. Think a lot about how your weight is important in a lateral movement. Practice giving lateral cues while working on surpentines. The constant change of direction and "bend" will keep Shae focused on you and him realizing he needs to listen. Meanwhile, you'll get to focus on shifting the weight in your seat bones as a cue. It's super tough to get the correct feel of, and something that you definetely don't get a feel for while riding Hunter.

    Let me know!