July 28, 2010

Coming When I Call Him

For most of the summer, Shae's been in the dry lot turned out with one or two other horses, and we developed a nightly routine when I wasn't riding: I'd call for him, he'd think about it for a second and come ambling up to me, I'd bring him in, hose him off, hose his neck and do it up with Nolvesan cream, fly spray him and take him outside immediately so that he could roll while wet to keep the flies off.

Now he's been moved to a big pasture with several other horses and there are places to hide from me if I'm standing at the gate, so I wasn't sure if he'd still come when I called or if he'd try to ignore me.

Tonight, even though I couldn't see him, I stood at the gate and called his name like I normally do. When I didn't get a response or see him, I called again, and this time that little high-pitched whinny came from the direction of the run-in shed, and a few seconds later a little chestnut head poked out around the corner. "Hey buddy!" I yelled, and he nickered and started ambling over to me.

I'm not the type of girl that's going to think "Aww, that's so cute, he loves me!" I know he's just coming to me because he associates my visit with good things (a cool bath and fly spray). But I'm glad he enjoys my company and it makes me feel awesome when the other girls are tromping out into the jungle to get their horses and mine will come to me no matter where we are. Love that pony. :)

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