July 18, 2010

To Show or Not to Show?

The Heartland Welsh Club's show is coming up next month, and as much as I'd love to take Shae, I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I have to seriously weigh whether I want to take him or not, because finding a way to get him to Rochester is going to be extremely difficult. Here's how I see it:

- Shae gets experience being away from home in a show environment.
- Shae gets experience being in the show ring.
- I get to hang out with the Heartland Welsh people.
- Shae gains WPCSA points.
- He'd be one more pony toward the 65 it takes for the show to become double gold.

- He can't show in that many classes.
- I'd consider him solid in W/T right now, not canter.
- He's really young.
- Getting him there is going to be so hard.
- Dollars.

What do you think?

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