January 4, 2011


OMG!  Not 24 hours after my moment of desperation, I received an email from the trainer at the barn where I've wanted to train for a long time.  The facility is absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful new indoor and dust free footing.  The trainer is an eventer from England, and her talent shows in the photos of her riders.  Up until now, I was either not living in Columbus or didn't have the money.  I emailed her about a month ago, though, and didn't receive a response until today.

Of course I took it!  I had a great conversation with her on the phone.  I'm going out next Thursday, the 13th, to watch her teach the lesson before mine, and then to take a lesson.  Like most of the first lessons I've had, she apologized but said she'd be putting me on a "steady Eddy" for the first lesson just to gauge my riding  skills.  I really don't mind, I'd rather have the chance to prove myself on something that won't kill me first.  Plus I am finally getting the chance to learn Dressage and eventing!

I am so excited!  I feel like my riding career is really coming together.  They have a show team at this farm, and I'm excited about the chance to do some real showing this summer, both with Castleberry and with this barn.  I hope this works out!  Ahhhh!

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