October 30, 2011


Sometimes, like with the 2011 Cardinals, you get second chances and then you do something with them.

And sometimes, you're me, and you get a second chance and end up with a bruised nose.

Of course, out of the 50 horses there, I drew Einstein, the horse I rode in my one and only, terrifying, awful IHSA jump round at the last show of the season my senior year.  And I was really excited about that, because I felt I'd improved enough to be able to ride him effectively.  He really is a great draw.

Instead, we fought the whole round, to the effect that I ended up bashing my nose on his neck when he took a long spot to the first fence when I saw a different distance.  I ended up with my arms around his neck, but stayed on, and actually did salvage the ride and have a few good fences there in the middle.  Unfortunately for the last fence he got strong and popped me out of the saddle again.

There's just something about that horse.  He's sensitive, and trained in a way I'm not used to.  He's a jumper, but I've been riding more sensitive horses lately, so you'd think I'd be used to that.  I just don't know why that horse has my number, but he does, and I'm angry at myself for not being able to demonstrate how far I'd come since college.

There was, however, some sweet vindication in winning the alumni flat class vs. my former coach and former teammate.  Canter-to-sitting trot, turn on the haunches and all.  My flat HAS improved by leaps and bounds, and I'm glad I was able to prove it.

Just...Einstein.  Ugh.

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