October 16, 2011

Octoberfest Charity Horse Show at HHP

 I think these speak for themselves...

(That's a purple Supreme Champion Welsh ribbon on his bridle, and two blue medals for Welsh English Pleasure and Welsh In-Hand.)

He'd never been ridden on a cross-country course or in a big open space before, and LOVED it!  But was extremely tractable about coming back down.

We got a fantastic video that I'll post as soon as I get it.  What a rock star.


  1. Fantastic! Daughter and I competed in Dressage on Saturday at HHP. I got the chance to meet a couple of fellow bloggers while there. Maybe we will meet one of these days and I will get to see your lovely cob in person :)

  2. Awesome!!! Love the pics...the last one is really, really nice. (Well, so is the one with the purple ribbon!)

    That pony is so handsome with his flaxen mane and tail!

  3. He looks adorable! I can't wait until you do your first horse trial. It is so completely addicting!

  4. I blogger friend just sent me over here to check out a fellow Indiana eventers blog. Love the new guy! I rode BN CT at octoberfest and the hunter/jumper show for fun on Sunday. I am sure we crossed paths at some point...lol. Maybe we will meet next show season, ever show at CAF?

  5. Hey Amy! Always great to see a fellow Indiana eventer, nice to meet you! I haven't done any competing yet, still making the slow transition over from hunterland and from being petrified of jumping. But after a year of work with my amazing trainer, I'm definitely ready to show next season, so I hopefully will run into you in 2012!