November 22, 2011

Blankets, or "How I'm Begrudgingly Becoming High-Maintenance"

Blankets.  Blegh.

I've posted before that I'm a low-maintenance horse owner that fell in love with a low-maintenance breed.


Now that I'll have, as Stacey over at The Jumping Percheron said this week, " athlete that deserves to be properly maintained," I'm coming to grips with the fact that yes, I'm going to have to trace clip, and yes, I will have to blanket.  This is also partially because my amazing barn is blanket happy, and 'when in Rome...'.

The problem is, I've never seriously paid attention to blanketing before.  Mary bought Venice's no-fill turnout blanket, and the only other blankets I've used have been:
- Coolers on the racehorses
- Sheets on greys and palominos the night before IHSA shows, after baths
- Blankets on the show horses we took to away IHSA shows in the dead of winter

This was a DAILY ritual with Shae! For weeks!
There's also the fact that Welsh Cobs are the hairiest animals I've ever known, and were bred for their ability to survive harsh winters without pampering.  I mean, look at this.

My ever faithful partner, always willing to groom.

New grooming technique.

And you were wondering what to do with all that hair, ha!  Some people wonder, and some create ART!
 So if I'm buying one blanket for a Cob that will be in at night, out during the day, and ridden 4 days a week (and also possibly buying a cooler off of another girl at my barn after it shrunk in the wash), what should I get?  I'm thinking maybe medium weight.  I'd love to hear some input in the comments, especially from the blanket collectors.  Don't hide your faces shamefully, you blanket collectors you, I know you're out there!


  1. In at night, and out during the day? If my high maintenance thoroughbred can stay toasty warm with a clip and a turnout sheet (no fill), then I would not buy a blanket with fill. He's going to have a big fluffy coat on most of his body, and if you ever need more you can layer your cooler under it. It's cheaper, and you won't have to worry about overheating your pony. Does your barn offer blanket service, or is that an extra charge?

  2. you might want to go for layers. Smartpak has a good sale going for three blanket sets (sheet, quilt and turnout)

  3. Hmm, I am one of those "blanket collectors." All my guys have at least four blankets ranging from no fill to 300grams. I found with my cob, Rosemary that she tends to be warmer. Denser muscle and young age. I would start with just a turnout sheet. That way Contender will have a sheild against wind and rain. He will let you know if he needs more.

  4. My cob mare has a lightweight turnout (weathabeeta). She's abnormal though because she hasnt grown much of a winter coat. We're in northern Alberta, so during real cold snaps I'll add a fleece cooler under her turnout. When I'm back on the coast I'll probably just use a rainsheet to keep her clean and dry.
    Loving your blog- so neat to see someone else with a welsh d. Mine is 4 and just started under saddle this fall. I'd love to try eventing with her one day!

  5. Anonymous, good to hear from you! I'm a little surprised that you're not using heavier blankets up there, but then again, they really don't need them unless it's absolutely awful out and/or they're clipped. Do you have a blog? I love following other Sec. D owners and their horses.