November 20, 2011


I know many of you follow this blog via Google Reader, so I wanted to make all of you aware of some housekeeping that's happened lately.  I'm working really hard on this blog and hope to make it into something beautiful, engaging and entertaining for all of you.  I am actually going to update five days a week (I seriously have enough stockpiled posts to do it, too), so please, check back on a regular basis!

Recent changes:

  • We have a link bar under the banner that contains the following pages, all of which are new:
    1. About Contender (redone today, 11/20)
    2. About Cob Jockey
    3. About Section D Welsh Cobs
    4. Contender on Youtube (videos) (new today)
    5. Contender on Flickr (photos) (new today)
    6. (I'm working on adding a show results page to this as well, but I've tried to do an HTML table for it and Blogger crashes every time I try to publish it.  Hmmm...)
  • We have a new domain name and URL, will redirect here, but it's a good idea to go ahead and change the bookmark.
  • The Welsh dragon is now our favicon, instead of the orange Blogger 'B'.
  • The banner, which used to be a picture of Shae and I at the Woods, is now a greyscale photo of Contender and I from last month.
  • There is now a list of equine blogs I read on the right.  If yours isn't on there and you'd like to be included  (and your update at least once every few months!) leave a comment, I'd love to get to know you!  Even if you're not a blogger, feel free to introduce yourself!

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