November 12, 2011

Pony Christmas List!

It's cold enough here in Indiana that I can no longer ignore the eventuality of winter.  But along with all of the negatives of winter, there is also the positive of Christmas!  And with the timing of getting Contender, there's the major bonus of being able to structure my Christmas list around him.  So, here's mine.  What's on your Christmas list?

1. Saddle pads.  I only have one, and it's dying.

2. Tuff Rider Winter Riding boot. I may end up just buying these for myself before Christmas, as cold as it's getting now...

3. Cozy Toes.  I'll have to devote an entire post to managing Reynauds as an equestrian.
Cozy Toes

4. Stirrup leathers (so I can get rid of the 60" man leathers that tickle Contender's flank.)

5. Gearmax equestrian back pack.  I am the loser of all of my possessions at shows.  Seriously, I did that one IHSA show last weekend and nearly lost my show gloves, a wool vest and my best winter gloves.

 6. Kids Flex Rider vest (or, "the flak jacket" as my husband calls it)  It's nice being small enough that a $95 kids vest fits!
Gearmax Equestrian Back Pack

7. SSG 10 Below gloves.  Again, Reynauds.  If you don't know what it is, Google it, then imagine one of the side effects being passing out when you get off the horse and the blood returns to your fingers and toes.  Yeah, that's sort of dangerous.

8. Halter, bridle and saddle nameplates.  Nice leather tack deserves nice nameplates!

9. 2011 IEA membership and armband.

10.  And all the Underarmour and Smartwool in the world, amen.


  1. I am going to look into those 10 below gloves! I have Reynauds also...did not start affecting me until a couple of years ago.

    Your list is coming along - hope Santa is good to you :)

  2. Great blog - why not come over to an Equine Social Blogging Network for more to follow!

  3. That is a great list - my riding buddy has Reynaud's and is always trying different options to keep her extremities warm. I wonder if she has tried those stirrup covers...

    On my horsey (technically pony, lol) Xmas list this year is a winter turnout blanket and saddle/bridle nameplates as well. I can't decide if I want traditional brass plate ones or something fun from Etsy ( as my tack isn't that fancy or traditional...

    Horse people are so easy to shop for as it seems that we always need stuff!

  4. Kelly and Laura, that's fascinating that you have/know someone with Reynauds. I know it's common, but I haven't heard of too many equestrians with it. That will be the subject of tomorrow's post.

    Laura, I need to add a turnout blanket too. Sigh. I was hoping to be the low-maintenance guy at the barn, but everyone is so clip/blanket happy there I don't think I can pull it off! We do always need stuff. Even though I was pretty well-equipped, I still find the Smartpak catalog overwhelming.