November 30, 2011


Contender's blanket came in yesterday, and of course I drove the hour and a half round trip in the snow to bring it to him!  I completely guessed at sizes for all of his tack, and this is how I fared:

- Bridle, size cob: perfect fit, minus the browband which seems a bit tight

- Blanket, size 69: good enough, maybe an inch or two big (Yay, we can wear pony blankets!).  Looks long on his legs to me, but I'm not used to blanketing a Cob.

- Girth, size 40: absolutely the right size

- Saddle, 16.5", M/W tree, purchased over a year ago:  perfect fit for both of us!  This is the most unbelievable sizing, for sure.

- Woofwear boots, a gift, brand new, by the assistant trainer at my barn who bought them for her horse and they didn't fit, size medium: perfect fit

Despite asserting that I'd rather spend more to buy something once than buy it cheaply once and then replace it later, I did have to buy a used blanket (Ebay!) and a new, but cheaply made, bridle.  The blanket will get us through until I have the funds to buy a good one (it's a waterproof Weatherbeeta medium weight), and the bridle, well, all it has to do is stay on his head. I hate to be that guy, but I also need to keep the horse costs down initially so Nick doesn't get nervous.

Essential tack still to be purchased: cooler, heavyweight blanket.  Anyone have anything used?


  1. I have found that the blankets at are pretty darn reasonable and LAST. Buying used for blankets makes me a little won't be as waterproof, and how worn are they? I got Laz's Fall sheet for under $60 :)

  2. Yes, a Schneider is what I'm going to end up purchasing if we don't get one for Christmas. They're on my list. After purchasing a car and getting Contender in the same week, funds are tight, and I just needed something for right now. It's still waterproof, is a midweight, no rips or tears, and I got it for $16. I've heard really good things about the Schneiders from a lot of people.

  3. Well $16 is a deal that CAN NOT be beat..I would have done the same thing! U can always spray on a waterproofing sealer (I get mine at Walmart for about $5 a can, and use 2 cans for one blanket) to help it out a bit. :) I love me a GOOD DEAL! lol

  4. Oooh good to know that Walmart has the waterproofing! I was going to spray on another layer to be safe, and I thought I'd have to drive to Dick's Sporting Goods for it. Thanks for the tip! Being in Michigan you must be a blanket pro, we are only truly cold for a month or two every winter.

  5. LOL, I'm CONSTANTLY second guessing WHEN to blanket, ie; TODAY for example! I want Laz's coat, which is thick, to remain thick b/c once I blanket, it's OVER. ;)
    Anyway, yes..Walmart has it in their 'camping/outdoor' section. I've never had an ill response to it, although I spray it and leave OUTSIDE for a couple of days to cure/set b/c it is TOXIC to breathe.

  6. Good guessing on blanket size. My cob mare wears a 69 too. Going by how Comrade developed Contender will get broader, so the extra room will be nice next year. With your saddle keep an eye on the fit, Comrade went from a wide wintec tree to the second widest extra wide tree wintec offers. He hates a small saddle. With work Contender will change his shape. Gotta love young, broadbacked ponies. Have fun.