December 21, 2011


Lately, various people have been trying to think of nicknames for Contender.  I’m not really motivated to come up with a shorter name for him.  When I look at him, I see “Contender”, I’ve known him as that for a year, and I’m really not a talker when it comes to my horses.  They learn voice commands, and I speak through touch and body language, but other than that, I’m fairly quiet.

So this whole thing is really not an issue for me.  Adagio has a four-syllable name, so I don’t know why Contender’s needs to be shorter.  Someone suggested “Teddy,” and I think I laughed and made a face when I heard that.  “We’re badass eventers, you are not calling this pony ‘Teddy’!” (Teddy O’Connor notwithstanding, of course.)  Contender is cute and cuddly enough on his own without needing a fluffy name like Teddy!

So far, the votes are:
  • Both trainers: Teddy
  • Mary: Tender (I’m not sure if she was serious, she kept saying something about chicken tenders…)
  • Nick: Condy/Condoleeza Pony
  • Basically everyone at my barn: “Little Man”
The only things I ever call him other than Contender are Feral, as in "I'm going to leave you out here with the coyotes if you don't let me catch you, Feral Pony!"  But, as I said, he's Contender to me.



  1. Stick with Contender. Not every horse needs a nickname, just like people. Rosemary is Rosemary. It suits her so we don't shorten it. I do have friends that call my other horses different names but nothing official. I sometimes cringe at the names people come up with to call my horses but I figure as long as they come when I call it is not hurting anything. Have fun.

  2. I agree - stick with Contender, if that is your preference. Some people at our barn used to call our daughter's TB, Hennessy - Henny Penny...drove her crazy!