January 3, 2012

2012 Schedule

Suddenly, for the first time in my life, planning a show season is something I can do!  As a lifelong runner/obsessive planner, I love nothing more than staring down a blank sheet of paper and planning the living daylights out of it.  It must be a control thing.

The plan I'm making now is very subject to change since I haven't discussed any of this with my trainre yet, and what do I know about bringing a young horse up in eventing?  Very little.  Perhaps I'll get a chance to show Adagio or Dillon before I show Contender.  Then again, maybe she'll decide I don't need to.  Whatever the case, without further ado, my extremely-subject-to-change 2012 schedule:

May 27, 2012: FF CT
- I couldn't have scheduled this better myself.  He's shown big away WPCSA shows before, but it's still going to be nice to have his first CT show at home.  (Plus, no trailering fees...)  I like the idea of a low-pressure atmosphere for his first CT, and as long as they have an introductory level class, he should be able to do it no problem.  If he's not ready to jump a course, we'll show Dressage only and eat the SJ entry.  Again, I'm in no rush.

July-ish, 2012: Heartland Welsh WPCSA Show
- I fully intend to dominate this show this year.  In-hand, ridden cob, all the English flat classes, and low hunter O/F are all well within reach.  One way or another, this will end up being my $$$ show of 2012.  Knowing that I'm earning local publicity for Lisa and WPCSA points for Dundee doesn't hurt either!

August 19, 2012: FF CT and Mini-Trial
- It's almost as if she read my mind.  My plan from the beginning was a show at the beginning of the summer to get our feet wet, the WPCSA show, and a show at the end of the summer.  Then the schedule gets posted, and I see that she made good on her idle discussions about hosting events.  We will be doing courses by this show, and if we also do cross-country, so be it, but I'm not at all sure we'll be ready for open-field, fixed obstacle jumping by then. 

Has anyone else brought up a young eventer?  Does this look reasonable based on your experiences and given what you know about us?


  1. Good for you. I did not have a young horse, but he did not have any english experience. With in a year, having 3 rides a week, one a lesson we did an 18in CT. The next year we did two full events, one at 2ft and one at 2ft 3in.
    So I think your plan is doable. Just remember to show a level below what you school and have fun.

  2. Sounds exciting! I have no idea about eventing or bringing up a young horse, but I'm sure you guys will figure it out. Either way, you should do well at the Welsh show!

    Nicole's advice about showing below what you school is excellent - that I have heard before!