January 14, 2012


Allow me to summarize the first 20 minutes of today's ride as if it were a conversation:

"Hi!  I'm Contender!  Do I know you?"

"Um...yes.  I actually own you."

"Really?  Neat!  What are we doing?"

"We're going to work on these drills she gave us for the weekend at our lesson on Thursday."

"Yeah, you know...that's not going to work with my agenda today.  Is it cool if I just kinda trot fast, ignore you and turn my head to look out of every window we pass?"


The second 20 minutes of the ride were so much better, but the first 20 were a challenging puzzle.  I know my trainer would know what to do in times like that, but I struggled.  We ended up going back to something we know - working his shoulders around corners with lots of half-halts - and then going back to trying to engage the hind quarters.  Leg yield is the next big challenge.  He leads with his shoulders, always, which is probably because I have those pretty well now, but I do not have his hind quarter yet.  All things in time.

Also as an aside, a woman who was at the barn watching my lesson recognized him as a Castleberry Cob.  Made me so proud!

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  1. awe! well its good that you guys finished on a good note. Contender is so cute and like any other horse would much rather do what is easy.