January 26, 2012


I want to tell you a story about gloves.

I hate them.  Passionately.  Despite this, I own tons of them.  I've lined them up for you, because I know you're interested.
From L to R: generic leather insulated work gloves, Mountain Horse Avoriaz gloves, SSG 10 Belows, SSG Deer Suede Winter Gloves, Berne work gloves, Carhartt insulated work gloves, Carhartt non-insulated work gloves, Tailored Sportsman A Rated Hunter gloves, SSG silk glove liners, leather show ring gloves

There's one pair, though, that's different from all the rest.  That would be these:
Mine don't look like this anymore.  Add about fifteen holes and a lot of dust, and you've got mine.

The listing in the closeout section of Dover in 2009 had no picture, and said only "Tailored Sportsman Glove.  Orig $38.99, now $9.95."  That was all the description it had. So, I figured, I had birthday money to blow, I was always getting yelled at for not wearing gloves while riding, Tailored Sportsman is trendy and has well-made products...why not take a gamble?

It was love at first sight.  Turns out they are crochet upper, lambskin palm with elastic-gusseted fingers.  I think maybe they're supposed to be for summer showing, but they became my schooling gloves, and even as a glove-hater, I loved them so much.  If you have to have something between yourself and the reins, lambskin is as good as it gets.  Not sheepskin, not pigskin, not calfskin, not cowskin.  So thin it's ridiculous, and supple, and good until around 50 degrees, lambskin is the perfect material for a glove hater.  Pretty soon, I started to like gloves and couldn't ride without them.  I rode in them like they were never going to wear out.  Only...

They did.  And I couldn't find them anymore.  Anywhere.  My Google-fu was useless.

They did make it through three years of intense riding: riding with my college ring on, trail riding, Cob-halter-breaking, IHSA shows, ISHA shows, WPCSA shows...you get the idea.  But they needed replaced, and the Internet was not helping.  I finally found one pair at a tiny saddle shop in Florida that happens to have a website, they were on clearance, and a half-size too big, but I bought them anyway, and put a comment in the "Notes" section of my order that said that I cannot live without these gloves, and if they ever come across another pair (this was their last pair) to please make a note on my account and contact me.

So this is it.  I have purchased the sole remaining pair of Tailored Sportsman Ladies "A" Rated Hunter Gloves on the Internet, and when this pair dies, I might just have to give up riding forever.  If you, dear reader, ever come across a pair in your local tack shops, buy them for me (size 6) and I'll pay you back double what you paid for them.  And buy you lunch.  With a glass of red wine.

Dear original pair of the most wonderful gloves ever to grace my Cob-loving hands: rest in peace.


  1. Ha Ha i am going to check around up here i thought i saw something like that at spruce meadows last year. If i come accross some i will let you know!

  2. If I laid all my gloves out like that - my assortment would not look nearly as attractive! Yours all looks so clean :)

  3. Too funny! I hate gloves, can't stand riding in them as they never seem to fit correctly (either too big or too small). I promise to keep an eye out for you.

  4. I only wear Heritage gloves. For some reason they're the only ones that feel comfortable and that fit me.
    And it feels SO weird to ride without them!

  5. Hey i found gloves that are basically the same to these in a local tack shop www.greenhawk.ca
    they have them in 3 different colors and are on for $11 CND. If you cant find them on the site let me know i will send you a picture of the pair i just bought. I believe SSG is not making them. I can send you a picture if you would like