January 21, 2012

On-Call Update

Heidi's comment a couple of days ago reminded me that I never updated you all on my on-call problem.  I was sitting in my cubicle on Thursday dodging foam baseballs that my boss was throwing at me, when he said, "Hey!  How about starting on-call next week?"  Here it was, now or never.

In the almost-insubordinate way I that usually converse with my boss, I responded, "Maybe, maybe not.  Can we consider my barn to be inside our county?"

"What?" he said.  "Why would that matter?"

"I thought the rules were that we weren't allowed to leave the county."

"Your barn is totally fine.  Just reply to texts as they come in, get to things as quickly as possible, and let us know if you have a problem.  Psh, come on!"

So, all of that worry over the last year, and that's how it ended!  Thanks for everyone's suggestions! 


  1. Great News! Isn't that the way these things usually go? We worry ourselves silly for nothing :)

  2. Thank goodness! That is a huge weight off your shoulders :-) Loss of pony time is not a good thing. Your boss is awesome!

  3. Hey i gave your blog an award!! check it out on my blog!!!