January 19, 2012


*Edit as of 12:26pm: they are now working!  Sorry about that!

Finally, some videos!  They're not very good since I'm, you know, lunging and videoing at the same time, but it's something.  He's moving like a real greenie in these, with his head high and clearly moving with a lack of confidence in the deeper parts of the footing, especially at the canter.  I'm going to talk to her tomorrow about introducing side reins while lunging, since some of our goals are to continue to teach him use himself properly, and to relax the muscles on the underside of his neck.

Incidentally, if anyone local is ever interested in taking photos and/or videos for me, I'd love you forever.  There's never anyone around to do either for me.

My cues for lunging have changed since I got to this barn, with a "Walk on" to move forward, a click into the trot, and a kiss into the canter, with a downward whistle to signify coming down one gait.  I used to use words with different inflections for up and down, but I've adapted.  I like how crisp the click is, and how quickly he reacts to it.  Now I have to work on getting it to be less of a startle and more of a transition...

Side note: I normally include a lot more transitions in my lunging (if I lunge, which I don't all the time), but I was lunging for the video today.

On to the good stuff! 

Not really displaying his nice overstep here, but he wasn't warmed up yet.

We are still working on coming down from the trot.


  1. none of the videos were working for me :(

  2. Fixed! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. His transitions take some time but he responds so well to your cues!
    Glad you got them fixed he has such a nice trot.

  4. I just had to say my corgi heard you whistling when I watched and he did the funny head cocking at my computer :)
    Contender looked great.