February 6, 2012


To those of you who have asked me for updates on the clinic, I’m sorry it’s taking me this long!  It was a wonderful and somewhat overwhelming experience that left me and Contender much further along than we were before the lesson.  I’m waiting to do a full write-up until I can get the video converted and onto Youtube, and partially because it’s going to take me a few viewings to fully digest everything she told me.

The clinic also served as the final push I needed to come up with a stable name for Contender.  When Nancy met us, she asked what his name is, and I said “Contender” and she asked if I had a less formal name for him.  I stammered, so my trainer jumped in, “I call him Teddy.”  And that’s what was written on the whiteboard for my ride time: 10:45am: Jen S. and Teddy.  Blegh.  I knew right then that if “Teddy” was going to start being used for official things with official people, I had to come up with a stable name I liked.

Luckily, the name I’d been searching for came to me from his breeder, who said that they sometimes called him Connor.  It incorporates his full name, isn’t too far off from Contender, and suits him just fine.  And it's not Condoleeza Horse, which is what my funny guy husband likes to call him.

We have a name!  It only took me three months...

Buon giorno!  Mi chiamo Connor!

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  1. lol im jealous that you have a barn name for him now :( im still hunting for mine. I cant wait to hear more about the clinic!