February 25, 2012


I was like a school kid tapping my foot, waiting for the bell to ring.  I'd spent five hours working overtime on a Saturday, alone in my office, watching a server move mailboxes.  Finally, the server finished, I did my cleanup work, I ran home, threw on my breeches and got in my car to drive to the barn for my first ride since the amazing one last Sunday (the lack of riding thanks to more overtime during the week, and being sick for my Thursday lesson).

As I got in the car, I checked my work phone one more time, since I'm on call.  My heart sank.  The automated monitoring service told me one of the servers was having trouble.  Defeated, I turned around, took my riding clothes off, and sat down at my desk to VPN in.

That's the sort of week it's been, and that's the reason I've not posted.  Sometimes, working the job required to pay for the pony means I don't get to see the pony.  It's doubly disappointing since I really wanted to build on last week's breakthrough, but that wasn't to be.

But I can't dwell on that now.  What I can dwell on is what is in my control, which is:
- That my mailbox moves and excessive overtime is done.
- That my excessive overtime is leading to excessive paychecks.
- That my on-call week will be over on Monday morning.
- That it's going to be gorgeous all next week, and I should be able to get four rides in no problem.

Til next time, to all of the lovely ladies (and gentlemen?  Probably not.) that read this blog, thanks for sticking through one of the thin weeks with me!


  1. Ah, I feel for you (software engineer here). I used to work somewhere where I was on call every 4 weeks and ugh, having that phone was such a burden.

  2. Yeah I understand too, on many levels (former and current).

    I don't know if you would be interested, or have the time to come down here to clinic or audit, but you're more than welcome to come.