February 28, 2012

Miele Returns!

So, I'm surfing the blogs I read in Google Reader tonight, and I scrolled through this post from Bad Eventer.  I was stunned when I saw this picture in the post (which I believe she just got off Google Images):

These Italian teeth have bitten me!
I KNOW THIS HORSE and have been bitten by him before!  And what's funnier, he's not famous in the least, and he lives in Europe!  Random, yes, I know.  His name is Miele, and he lives at a H/J barn in the Chianti region of Italy, where I did a day ride with friends during study abroad before retiring to a medieval castle for a four course lunch.  Here are my own photos of this lovely Fjord:

Trying to bite me.

Almost succeeding in biting me.

Too far away to bite me.

That's me on the left, probably about to get bitten.
Note the biting.  There's a funny story about me and this horse, which goes something like:

- I'm standing next to him talking to someone.
- I suddenly get bitten on the arm.
- Without even thinking, I instinctively reprimand him.
- I get scolded by a groom, who tells me he is only being "playful".  Bull.  In America, we aren't okay with our horses biting.

Anyway, the ride out was fantastic, the glass of wine we had that was made from the vines we rode through was wonderful, and the Chianti hills in autumn were an unforgettable sight.  Somehow, I forgot everything about the particular horse I rode, except that he was chestnut, but I remember every detail about Miele.  And here he shows up in my RSS feed.  Small, small world.

Luckily, he is still too far away to bite me.  Again.

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