March 28, 2012

"Blank Page" Part II

And now, the conclusion to the Dover "Blank Page" story...

If you guessed...

The EPONA Golden Glow Hoofpick, you would be correct!

The description of it is, "A magical hoof pick with an iridescent golden glow. Showing luminescent hues of greens and pinks. This lucky hoof pick will remain rust free."

Magical, you say?

I hope it leaves fairy dust in Connor's hooves.

Seriously, though it doesn't look like a very good hoofpick, it has made for a good story.  Multiple Dover reps contacted me very quickly after placing my order saying they thought it was funny, and that this product isn't even listed on the site yet.  

I'm entertained.  It was worth the $4.99.

The end.


  1. Hey if it is magical...certainly worth the $4.99! Loved that you took a chance.

  2. That is great. Epona is a good brand.