March 10, 2012

Conclusion of the Half-Chap Saga

I spent quite a while mulling over everyone's responses to my half-chap opinions thread, and was very close to pulling the trigger on these:

Tredstep Deluxe, in brown
However, despite not minding spending large chunks of change on good quality leather items, I was having a hard time reconciling paying over half of what I pay for board each month for them.  So I hemmed and hawed, and then I did something I hadn't done in a while: moseyed over to Dover.

Dover had these:

Ariat Contour, in chocolate
for $159.95 in their full-price section, but in Closeouts, they had them in XXS for just $49, and they match my beloved Ariat Performer III paddock boots perfectly.  Or maybe they did once, many years earlier...  My only hesitation was that I've heard Mary complain about her Ariat half chaps, but she also complains about destroying a pair of paddock boots every year, while I've kept the same pair in very good condition for six years, so I feel like I need to draw my own independent review.

So I bought them and a pulling comb, and due to Dover's ridiculously stupid shipping scheme which I would never normally subject myself to, I made it worth it by adding a Himalayan salt lick as well.  Wait, maybe that's what they want consumers to do...

Anyway, the point is, for the first time in my life I will have appropriately sized half-chaps that are actually professional looking and do not have fuzzy white suede ends sticking up all over them. 

Next item of business, eventually, will be replacing my tall boots.  You mean, I'm not supposed to be able to slide a hand between my boot and my leg?  Gosh!


  1. I'm bidding on these same half chaps on ebay right now. I hope I win! Searching for reviews on them actually led me to you blog... which I thoroughly enjoy! :)

  2. Hi Miss Daisy, nice to meet you! Did you win them? I hope you like them, they remain my favorite equine apparel purchase ever. I have temporarily stopped wearing them in favor of my insulated tall boots for the winter, but look forward to wearing them again in the spring.