March 12, 2012

Under Construction

Let me tell you: you don't even know what dust is until you've swept a working horse barn that's under construction!  My goodness.  But this is the payoff:

A few days ago, that was a stall.  Now, it's stairs that lead up to a loft that goes around this section of the barn, with a big gap in the middle surrounded by a railing.  Even better?  We're putting a bathroom up there! 

Main Barn
Connor is not sure about the following: construction equipment, stairs where there weren't stairs before, and people walking in the new loft when he's in the cross ties.  Such is life.

They are also building two new stalls into one of our run-in sheds, and that's in addition to creating a stall in a storage area in the main barn to replace the one that is now stairs.

A little bit about the barns themselves: the main barn is actually an antique wooden barn that was retrofitted with stalls, and as such has a very creative layout that maximizes what space we have.  They manage to fit seven stalls, the stairs you see here, an indoor wash rack, two tack rooms, three cross-ties, and a shop area/massive tractor parking spot into this barn. 

Then on the other side of the outdoor arena from the main barn, there is a four stall barn, with a stall on each corner, a tiny aisle and a tack room.  Again with the efficient space maximizing.  We now have the two stalls in the run-in shed, as I mentioned before, and that's all the stalls on the main property.  On the other side of about a quarter mile long forest (through which we're getting a cross-country trail this summer!) is another little barn, where there are four massive stalls, plus turn out and a run-in. 

Anyone coming to visit us at the C/T on May 27th??  I'll give you a tour!

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