April 1, 2012

Brought to you By: The Letter 'U'!

"I'm totally not trying to untie that guy.  Look how innocent I am!"
Cobs and their oral fixations...

Anyway, Connor and I had a great ride in the indoor today thanks to the random storms moving through our area.  All I did was focus on not fighting him, and suddenly, we didn't fight and got great connection and impulsion.  Seems so intuitive, right?  It also helped that he couldn't see his pasture, but I have to work through that little bit of Attention Deficit Disoder. 

Who was it...Charlie and Me?  Dressage Adventures?  Someone was talking about squeezing their horse forward into the bridle so hard it felt like they were squeezing a tube of toothpaste a while back.  I really thought hard about that image today, and it helped a lot.  It's fascinating how that little pony head goes down and his back lifts when I drive him forward into the bridle.  When his head is up, thanks to his long back and high-set neck, I feel like I'm sitting in the bottom of the letter 'U'.

Because we missed our lesson last week, we have one on Thursday and Friday both.  I also have some big and not-so-good news to share, but that is for another day, when I know more.

Happy April!

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  1. Not me - I said I had to squeeze so hard I thought Charlie's eyeballs were going to pop out. But I've heard the toothpaste analogy before and it's good one. Glad you and Connor had a good ride- there's nothing better than feeling your horse's back lift and start to swing! :)