April 7, 2012


In the midst of yesterday's fabulous lesson, something strange happened.  Connor went from pushing from behind and giving me this lovely trot to feeling as if he was a neurological case all of a sudden.  It was like he was slogging through six inches of mud.

"What's going on down there?" I asked my trainer.  I thought he went lame all of a sudden.

"Well, he tried to drop a second ago, maybe he has to pee.  Stand there for a bit and see."

So I did.  And he didn't.  He was looking around at the kids riding bikes next to the arena.

So I put my leg on, and asked him to move off and trot.  Again, it was like a molasses monster was wrapped around his forelegs.  I stopped him.  She said, "Maybe he won't go with you on.  Hop off and see."

I hopped off, and sure enough, he almost immediately planted and peed.  And peed.  And kept going.  My trainer and I had a nice conversation while he peed.  Then we were wrapped it up, and he still kept going.

Then I got on and he was perkier and more forward than ever.


The end.


  1. Haha, next time, try standing up in your stirrups. When I was riding in Ireland, sometimes the horses would drop but wouldn't go until they could park out without weight on their backs so standing in the stirrups let them do that w/o me having to dismount.
    Geldings always seem to have funny bathroom habits though. I've known one who wouldn't go poo in the arena, no matter how badly he needed to. Another wouldn't go if you were looking at them!

  2. That is cute - my friend has an arab gelding that she does with endurance with. He pees 2-3 times on a ride!

    I love geldings - I have a mare now after having geldings and I much prefer the boys... :-)