May 25, 2012

Some Like it Hot

The courses and the coach won't be the only challenging part of the weekend...

Our ride times are 2:20pm on Saturday (with Assistant Trainer Jen and Louie) and 11:20am on Sunday (with a lesson student and someone I don't know).  We are very appropriately listed as "Starter" level on the ride times list.  Saturday is stadium fences and Sunday is more XC-type stuff, and both will be held out in the XC field, which is miraculously still fairly soft despite the August-like lack of rain we've had recently.

I'm super pumped (and, after yesterday's lesson, very glad that we'll be jumping instead of doing Dressage).  Let's do this!


  1. Whew, drinks lots of water and maybe hose him off before you ride. Can't wait for the recap.

    Have fun!!!

  2. Can you believe this weather?! Have a wonderful time!