May 20, 2012


My brand new work phone shoots pretty decent video, so I took the opportunity yesterday to film most of my ride.  Unfortunately, it did drop a bunch of frames so it looks somewhat choppy.  I have another video with a fantastic section of trot in it, but that one is so choppy it's useless.

I did not do any editing to this video so that you could see the imperfections as well as the things he does well.  You'll see mostly canter transitions and trot in this one.  Canter transitions are coming along nicely as long as I remember to half-halt immediately before so that the application of my leg does something other than spook him.  He was high-headed and tense for this ride (yesterday), but I was happy with the rhythm and forwardness of the canter.  It's definitely still our weakest gait, but with every ride he gets stronger and more balanced.

Also, you will notice our bangin' free walk.  Seriously, if we do one thing well, it's him chewing the reins out of my hands and giving me a big, swinging free walk every time I ask.  Pretty proud of that movement.

1 comment:

  1. He is looking really good. Your right great free walk.

    I have not played with the video function on my phone yet. May have to try it.