June 19, 2012


After a fantastic ride in which we practiced our Dressage tests for the first time, I was headed out toward my car to head home when I called Connor and he came ambling across his paddock to me.  How could I leave after seeing this face?
Still cute, even covered in mud and with crazy hair.
He just stood there with me for ten minutes or so, whuffing into my hair, nuzzling me, and being his usual 100% engaged self.  I almost never see those ears anywhere but pricked straight up, even when he's just standing in the crossties facing the aisle.

I have completely fallen for this little guy.  All the horses I've ever known before, even Venice, were meant to come into my life and leave it.  I'm a pretty unattached individual, with the ability to love an animal, but still keep my emotional and objective distance, especially for performance animals like horses.  It took me a while to let that go with Connor, to realize deep down that he is not going anywhere.  I absolutely have, though.  I feel such a mixed sense of love and pride when I look at him, knowing what he's becoming and what he means to me. 

I could not possibly love a pony more.


  1. Wonderful!!!
    So many people miss out on that connection. It can be harder, but it is more fullfilling.

  2. awesome... I haven't had that connection since I was a kid... Maybe the right horse just hasn't come along yet.

  3. Who wouldn't love that face?

    I zoned in on the word 'mud'! Have not seen any around us for quite some time...I hate rain but wow is it ever dry here.

  4. Oh, here too, Kelly! We are just southeast of Indy, dry as a bone here. That was artificial mud created when he rolled after I hosed him down after our ride. Ha - sorry to get your hopes up!