June 22, 2012


5:00 can't get here fast enough...

Pictured is Connor's new KK bit that arrived today after I purchased it from the witty and awesome blogger over at SprinklerBandits.  Seriously, she had me giggling with emails on the most mundane subjects, such as the failings of the US Postal Service in the western US and shipping guarantees that accounted for 'relatively tragic weather patterns'.  If you don't already read her blog, you should, I promise it's an excellent read!

I'm stoked to have a bit that won't randomly get poached by its rightful owner from time to time, though putting on and removing the bit each time I've ridden has certainly helped my spectacularly cheap bridle's leather (leather...?) soften up.

Now all that's left is somehow surviving this abysmally slow work day (seriously, someone needs to get a virus or a domain controller needs to fail or something.), cleaning tack tonight and spending tomorrow cleaning the pony and packing him off to the Hoosier Horse Park with his new best friend Guinness.  Can't wait to see the little red butt next to the big red butt in the trailer tomorrow!


  1. Yay, red butts! That reminds me ... I should pack sunscreen. ;)

  2. i cant agree more! today is going soooooo slooowwwwwww

  3. Yes, sunscreen! Somehow I always manage to forget that at horse shows.

    Jessica, glad I am not the only one. Today is positively crawling!

  4. Heh. Happy to amuse. Kick butt this weekend!

  5. Have Fun tomorrow.
    What time do you ride? Hope the weather is cooler for you all.