July 4, 2012

Lazy Man's Blog

You know what, I thought about blogging more thoroughly today, but as she always seems to do, Steph over at Dressage Adventures wrote it for me.  Everything but the spooking at fans, I am right there with you on, Steph.  Great blog, you should check it out if you aren't already a follower!

Hot pony gets a bath.

I only had time for a half-hour ride this morning, but it was enough time to continue to insist that he put on his big boy pants and go around like an educated animal, and also enough time to ask for two walk-canter departs and then squeal with glee when he got them.  So cool!  I love the extreme driving from the hind end he gives me in the indoor, but I also know it's sort of because that footing is deep in places, so it's good and bad and I try to limit our time in there as much as possible.

Like Steph, my lesson tomorrow is likely going to be canceled (third week in a row, come ON, Mother Nature!) so my Thursday will probably consist of hosing, scraping, hosing, scraping, placing in front of a fan, then tack cleaning.  Or something equally as productive, like organizing my tack trunk which became a Pit of Despair and Sadness after the IDS show. 
What is this?
Gratuitous pony photo I forgot to post from the show.

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  1. Haha, thanks so much for all the kind words! :) And yeah, our fans are these giant circular metal things that sit in the middle of the aisle right in the arena doors and are super loud. I kind of don't blame a horse for spooking the first time he sees one.
    And word on the organizing tack trunk in the heat. Mine looks like a tiny tack shop exploded in it.