July 8, 2012

Three Strides

Big day:  I got three of the best canter strides I've ever gotten out of Connor today.  It was our first time in the outdoor in...weeks.  We're going on week 4 without a lesson due to weather.  The house on the property was being re-roofed by a team of guys all yelling in Spanish and making loud banging noises.  I knew I wanted to continue to work on the canter since he's finally shown me that he's ready for more serious work, but I wasn't expecting a whole lot.

Instead, I got perfect transitions into a round, smooth, connected canter.  It was initially just good, but then for three strides, it was REALLY good.  He started out a bit strung out, but then rocked back and felt really through for those three strides.  It was magic!

And you know how I got that round, smooth, connected canter?  By asking for it from a round, smooth, connected trot.  Hm...

With all the scheduling and lesson craziness lately, it sounds like Connor will be getting one or two trainer  rides soon, and it honestly couldn't come at a better time.  I feel like the canter is in there, but it's going to take some really good riding initially to bring out the best in him and show him what it's supposed to be like.  I can do that for three strides at a time, twice in an hour-long ride, but she'll be able to do it more effectively than I can.  I of course would never expect that it will just take a couple of trainer rides to make a good canter, but it's coming at a very good time to help us along on our journey.  I'm excited to see what happens.

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  1. Awesome! having a trainer ride your horse is a good idea. I just had that happen this weekend and my horse feels better after 2 rides...

    I think it is those 3 good canter strides, or a nice trot or one good jump that keeps us coming back for more with horses! :-)