August 14, 2012

"The Ridden Cob class proves that the Cob CAN canter."

Here's a fantastic (though a bit long) video of a Ridden Cob class in the UK.  Ridden Cob is a class held at breed shows that was created because it isn't possible to fully show off the dramatic trot of the Welsh Cob in in-hand classes - so this is essentially an in-hand class under saddle.  Most of the scoring is on conformation and movement.

In a Ridden Cob class in the US, the ponies are shown at all three gaits in both directions at the judges' discretion before being told to come off to the side.  They then ride a pattern alone that includes a full gallop - not a hand gallop - and then the saddle and pad are stripped so that the judge can look at conformation.  I've done a Ridden Cob class once with Aviator and had a blast.  I can't wait to do it with Connor someday. 

Even if you can't watch the entire thing, I highly recommend watching some of it, some of these UK Cobs can seriously move!  Plus in this video, the judge actually rides all of the ponies through the canter/gallop pattern, which is just crazy.


  1. How interesting, I can't believe the judge rides the horses!

  2. Jen, our US ridden Cob is such a pale version. Some of the stallions really show off, but not many ponies match the UK flare.

  3. Yes, imagine being a judge and being told you have to ride multiple ponies that you've never ridden before at a gallop in a show. Oh, and the breed standard says they're supposed to behave like little fire-breathing dragons. I have to imagine you'd at least be a little nervous, no matter how good a rider you are.