August 5, 2012


I've now been riding with a whip every ride for two or three weeks now.  The "too long; didn't read" version is that I'm happy with the way he goes with it, but still adjusting to carrying one.  Opinions about your favorite Dressage whips are welcome!

He's still extremely sensitive to it, and while my trainer has told me to use it as I need to and ignore his outbursts over it, I have to be judicious about applying it.  In the first few rides, when he got behind my leg even a bit, I'd give him a "tap tap" behind my leg with it.  Now, I'm finding that if I ride with a whippy whip, I can just tap it against my leg so it whistles a bit and that's enough to elicit the proper response without him shooting forward or getting tense/hard.  With either application, I only need it maybe once a ride, and now that I've used it a few times, simply carrying it is enough to keep him sharp.

For me, it's still a learning curve with it.  I have a hard time keeping my hand from going flat while holding it, and I occasionally tap him with it accidentally - something I try very hard not to do given his reactions to it.  I think we'd end up in the next county over if I ever actually hit him with anything.

While borrowing from the barn is perfectly fine for now, I'll be looking to buy one later this fall as I narrow down what I like and don't like, and try to find an appropriately sized one for both of us; some of the ones at the barn are completely ineffective on him and difficult to manage for me due to length. I need a flexible whip that easily whooshes against my leg, and I like ones with a raised line between the grip and the shaft since that's where I hold it.  Like most of my stuff, owning a show version and a schooling version is not financially worth it at this time, so I'd like to be able to use it for both (i.e. can't be pink and sparkly and needs to be legal.)

Calling all Dressage whip connoisseurs, tack lovers and enablers!  Any favorites?


  1. I have a Fleck whip, like the one here: It was $25 when I bought it and has lasted 2.5 years so far, and still going strong.

    Your best bet will probably be just going to your local tack shop and seeing what feels best in your hand. The key is to keep it pressed against your thigh so it only moves when you mean it to.

  2. We bought our two nice ones from Stateline. I agree with Steph, go to local tack stores and try different ones. I find some to be too top heavy. The right balance will help your hold.

  3. I personally use a Wonder Whip but they are stiffer than it sounds like you want. The Fleck whips are awesome for something more flexible and well balanced.

  4. Local tack shop, ha! You guys are funny. :-) You're right, though, that it's all about feel. I will definitely look into the Fleck whips, they seem to be the winners so far. Thanks!

  5. My show dressage whip is pink and sparkly. It has pink rhinestones on the handle and matches my white dressage pad with pink piping. Go for sparkly.

  6. I never had any problems with my Fleck Perfect Balance, and it is very flexible. I like the way the cherrywood lozenges look even better than something sparkly, but that's just me.