September 25, 2012

Halt at X, Spook at K

The best cure for a husband being on a week long business trip is...

Exorbitant amounts of time with this lovely fellow.

Tonight, we rode in the outdoor with a stiff wind, after it rained, before it stormed, at twilight, and with the mares running circles around his pasture.  He spooked at a bird flying out of a tree, which I really can't blame him for, and he also spooked at the letter 'K', which I really CAN blame him for.  But, all that spooking gave me a nice forward ride and a lovely trot.

Also, while I have not been given the vet report yet, I did hear tonight that grazing muzzle is working out wonderfully, that his stall is improving, and that the assistant trainer was able to walk up to him and catch him in the big field today for the farrier with no drama.  She was so happy, she took his muzzle off for the afternoon and fed him lots of treats and told him he was not evil a good pony!  Hooray!

Couldn't quite get his whole body in the picture, but I am loving his weight and coat condition right now!


  1. I know exactly how that kind of ride feels. Your right they do give a great trot.
    Go grazing muzzle ;)

  2. Wow he looks fab. Coat is super, which is not easy at this time of year

  3. Extra pony time! His coat is looking lovely, such a lucky boy the way you care for him. This weather gives otherwise lazy horses a nice forward ride but horses like Steady the opportunity to show you some impressive acrobatics :-) and me the opportunity to see how well my super glue butt works.

  4. Looking so shiny! Just in time for fuzzy winter hair to start coming in :)

  5. Thanks, guys! His coat has been sunburned and dull and looked like crap most of the summer, so I am happy to see him sleek up, even if it really is just in time to get fuzzy again. :) I get a little depressed when I think about winter, so shhhh!

    Amy, I am with you on the super glue butt thing. The horses have been crazy! They tore around the big field for 10 minutes when I turned them out Sunday morning, when it was in the 30's here.