September 14, 2012


My Thursday lesson was moved to Saturday this week, so instead I went to the barn on Thursday and worked Connor on the lunge in the manner Naomi had shown me, but I had not yet tried.  I was feeling awkward about the unfamiliar way of lunging, and a bit discouraged, and seeing this set up from someone else's lesson did not help:

For the first time in my life, I am just dying to jump.  Knowing that I can't even ride right now makes that really hard, but I'm staying focused on the goal of having a balanced horse and trying not to let those thoughts get into my head.

I had to lunge him in the indoor, which I'm sure did not help, but unsurprisingly, my lunge session did not go as well as my trainer's.  He was not as relaxed through either the suppling groundwork or on the line, with and without side reins.  I tried me best to keep the shoulder out going to the right, and to use the line and the whip as my inside rein and driving aid, but generally just did not feel comfortable or accomplished doing it.  I think a little practice with her is in order.

I'm glad we're doing this, but it's so challenging mentally to come to the barn in jeans, and have boarders and friends come up to me and say, "What, you're not riding today?" and to explain "No, I've created a muscle imbalance in Connor due to riding really one-sidedly, and we're working through that on the lunge for now."  Everyone gives me the sort of sympathetic look you'd give someone with a laid-up horse.  And I guess he is actually sort of lame, in a sense.  They understand, but it's still just hard.  I can't wait until I can swing a leg over him again, but I'm being good for now!


  1. Don't worry! It gets easier. I went through almost the exact same thing a few months ago and was feeling a bit down and out about not even being able to lunge properly, let alone ride as beautifully as my coach. If your coach is teaching you anything like mine, there is a whole science and technique to lunging that I imagine takes years of practice. It all makes sense when she explains it, but like riding, my body sometimes doesn't
    cooperate. When it gets painful, just think how beautifully
    straight and balanced you will be through that line of
    jumps once you're done lunging boot camp!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, Happy Pony. It really did make me feel better.