September 22, 2012



That's the sound of my head hitting my pillow.

I ran a 5k road race (2nd overall female, woop woop!) with my roving band of gangsters middle-aged women (okay, one of them is 86!) from the class I teach at the gym this morning, then headed straight to work at noon for the beginning of overtime that is still ongoing 9 hours later, and will be ongoing tomorrow and every morning and night this week.  My job is so cool, and I enjoy even weeks like this, but weeks like this don't leave much time for the pony.  So goes life in IT.

But luckily I'll soon have the money to pay for the pony to do some neat things.  CJF, who you may remember from our Memorial Day weekend clinic, is coming back, and I don't think I can justify not riding with her - she had that big of an impact on Connor and I.  Then, we'll be doing at least the Welsh classes and the Dressage at Octoberfest at the HHP in mid-October.  After that, it's time to head to the indoor for our long, grueling Indiana winter, in which we will be hitting the Dressage so hard, you won't even recognize us next spring.

Locals, raise your hand if you're going to Octoberfest!


  1. I'll be there showing in the CT on Saturday and Hunters on Sunday.

  2. Not looking good for us at this point :(

  3. Will be in KY cheering on the daughter at Regionals. I think IN already thinks it is Winter...dang cold this morning!