September 1, 2012

Update: Water

A couple of months ago, I wrote about about how water-philic the Welsh Cob breed seems to be (at least all of Lisa's Cobs!) and how the barn staff was having trouble keeping fresh water in Connor's paddock because he so enjoys playing in his water/with his water bucket.  At that time, he had broken two over-door water bucket hangers, smashed a muck bucket to bits, and was gleefully kicking over his water bucket every time it was refilled.

Who, me?
I temporarily won the water game for approximately a month by tying his bucket to a fence post with an old lead rope, to where the bucket was just an inch or two off the ground.  He left it alone and had consistent water again.  Things looked pretty good for a while.  Then...

Then he learned that he could get his nose underneath the hanging bucket and flip it and its contents over his back.  Then, soaking wet, he'd play with the dangling, empty bucket.  I then tried putting a flat bungee cord around his bucket and the fence post, which lasted about 48 hours, from last Sunday to Tuesday.  This is when the barn staff came to me and said, "You weren't kidding that you have to stay one step ahead of this breed!  We have to do something about Connor's water..."

Enter this 40 gallon stock tank:

My current foster Husky, Bitsy, and Tucker approve.
Which hopefully resolves this problem for a grand total of $29.  If not, I have to upgrade to the $69 legit-herd-of-cattle-style stock tank from Rubbermaid.  It's not as heavy as the legit stock tanks, but 40 gallons of water is heavier than 5, right?  He shouldn't be able to knock this entirely over, right?  Right?

Yes, I giggle a little every time I remember that I'm now a boarder that owns a stock tank.  Oh well, if that's the premium I have to pay in order to work with this awesome breed, I'll take that tax.

Hopefully it works.  If not, thank goodness for Rural King's 30 day no-questions return policy!


  1. Ha, ha Comrade is the same way about water. Knock on wood, neither of my two cobs mess with the troughs. Roscoe will play with the hose but that is it.

  2. Sitting a bucket in a couple of tyres normally worked for us with bucket-kickers. We had one horse (an Irish Draught, not a cob!) who delighted in disassembling this arrangement, though. What foxed him was two tyres PLUS clipping the bucket onto the wall - we had to fix a special tie-ring on the wall, about eighteen inches up, but it was worth it.
    Your stock tank looks like a nice husky-bath :-)