October 13, 2012


At first glance, this is how the WPCSA show went today:

But at second glance, you realize that it was a sparsely attended show due to a number of factors, and it was actually some of the worst work I've gotten out of him in a while.  That said, I really enjoyed myself and am not disappointed with it at all.

Our heroes, with the white feet and tail painstakingly done at 10:30pm last night.

I think my fatal mistake may have been leaving the black foam half-pad with the slight back riser that we've been using at home.  He was tense, braced, and went around like a giraffe for most of my undersaddle rounds, and looking back on it, I think the saddle was not allowing him to move as well through his back as it normally does.  Live and learn.

Gallop, sort of.  Lots of fun!
Other than that, his behavior was laughably quiet.  I had a hard time getting him to take the in-hand class seriously, as he shuffled around like a bored pony even after I smacked him with my whip.  We did get to do the hand gallop in the Ridden Cob, which ended up being more of a quick canter, but it was still fun.  Since the show was so small, one of the judges stood and talked to me in the lineup about what I can do to show him off more, and that he has a really expressive trot even for a Cob that I need to highlight more.

As my final show heading into the off-season, my biggest takeaway is that I need to be able to have him on the aids as well at a show as I do at home.  He's lazy, quiet and less prone to spooking at shows (go figure), but he also likes to look around and will occasionally call for the other horses in the arena, despite being relaxed. 

I might have more to say about this show later on, but after staying up to watch my beloved St. Louis Cardinals win one of the greatest postseason baseball games in history last night and then getting up for the show 5 hours later, I am unable to process any more information!  Have a few more photos from the day.

Don't panic about his mane, OCD horsepeople, Cobs are shown "in the rough" at breed shows.
Connor's sweet ride


  1. You have all the hookups. What a ride!

  2. Pretty ribbons! Connor looks fab, as does his rider :) Wish we could have been in two or three places at the same time this past weekend!

  3. What a cool trailer!
    Glad you had a good time at the show, it's a nice way to finish your season.