November 4, 2012

Awesome Weekend

Yesterday, Connor and I cantered bareback (my first time ever) and did all the lateral stuff bareback so that I could work on feeling myself scrunch to one side or the other when asking for lateral stuff and attempt to fix that, and also so that I could work on sitting more with my pelvis underneath me instead of tipped forward - nothing like a pair of withers in your way to help with that!

Today, we successfully pushed through our usual issues and duplicated the type of connection we had on Thursday by ourselves today.  Duplicating the success I have with my lessons outside of lessons is unusual for me, so that's a big deal. 

What an awesome weekend.

A look out one of the barn doors at part of the grassy field on a chilly 29 degree morning.

Pony gets a treat.

Stackhouse, fitting as sexily as ever!

...pony wants another treat?

1 comment:

  1. He is adorable. Kudos for cantering bareback. I am terrified to try it on Houston. I have done it before but for some reason I feel like cantering him I will flop off. Trotting is pretty hard too - and it is a long ways to the ground!