December 26, 2012

Christmas and Snow Video

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Unlike most of you, judging by the blogosphere today, I was unable to see my pony on Christmas.  We had to make a mad-dash run to my parents 4 hours away and then come back the next day to beat out the Great Indiana Blizzard of 2012, which shut down this entire area.  Despite getting the rare county government snow day today, I still couldn't make it to the barn as the snow is going to keep me from making that drive for the next couple of days.

Nonetheless, I had a fantastic Christmas.  Seeing my family is priceless to me, and being able to wake up on the farm on Christmas morning is a rare luxury now that we live so far away.  Honestly, being snowed in with my husband was a great Christmas present itself!  For gifts, Connor got shipping boots and the white with green Smartpak show pad, as my mom was excited to contribute to our first show season.  My husband bought me the Horze jacket, which is the lightest,warmest thing I've ever owned, and my sister bought me some excellent ski socks that bear a review for the Reynaud's riders out there - you guys are going to love these.  My husband says he likes to buy me warm barn things because it makes him feel like he can take care of me even when he's not there.  Aww!

Finally, I am so behind on this, but two weeks ago I received my Chronicle of the Horse Forums Secret Santa gift!  This was my first year participating, and I hope I did well for my giftee, because my Secret Santa sure did well by me!  I opened the box to find all of the following gifts, which were so thoughtful and personalized:

A book I've always wanted to read but never bought, UnderArmour  shirt to match my black underarmour pants, and handwarmers, which  I go through by the box every winter trying to keep Reynauds attacks at bay.

Plus this:
It wasn't empty like this before my husband got to them...
Plus a not-pictured blanket in our hunter green color that is currently on my couch and two bones that my dogs actually tore into the package to find.  I feel like I made a friend through this as well, as my SS has evented before and higher than me, and said she would love to answer any questions I have as I go forward this season.  If you're out there, thank you so much, Jen!

Merry Christmas to all of you, I've enjoyed reading your Christmas blogs the last few days even if I haven't had time to comment - I promise a flurry of comments coming up soon.

This is pretty well unrelated, but here's a cute video of our Husky/Malamute mix, Tucker, playing with Nick in the snow this morning.  We got another few inches after I took this, if you can believe that!


  1. I love watching dogs play in the snow! Sounds like a great Christmas. :)

  2. Ww! Sounds like an awesome X-Mas! I want to do the COTH Secret Santa next year... Enjoy the snow!

  3. Your dog looks like its loving the snow! I love huskies your dogs just adorable! Enjoy the snow, sounds like you had a really good christmas!

  4. At least the dogs are loving it! Enough White can go away now :) Looking forward to a review on the ski socks.

  5. Oh my goodness, looks like the dogs are enjoying it!