December 15, 2012

Crossrail Videos

In addition to clipping Connor on Wednesday, Austen also graciously took several minutes of video during my ride.  While I am completely ecstatic to finally have video of myself riding, I'm actually not going to post most of it because the way he went/the way I rode during my lesson on Thursday is so dramatically different from the way he went during the video.  Think forward, not backward, right?

The ones I am going to post are the ones of me taking him over the tiny crossrail that was set up in the indoor.  It's small enough for him to walk over and definitely smaller than what we schooled last summer, but it was fun anyway, and I love the way his ears prick up as he approaches the fence.  You'll see him do his now-classic nose-to-the-fence routine in many of them - I'm hoping he grows out of that as he sees more fences.

Note: I did not intend on jumping during this ride, so my stirrups are at my flat length rather than my fences length.


  1. Could that pony get any cuter? I love the way his clip makes it look like he has racing stripes.

  2. Connor's canter looks great! And of course, he looks most adorable with his new haircut :)

  3. seriously those perked ears on the way to the jumps... so cute!