December 8, 2012

Feed Seminar and Tack Consignment Sale

If you are from the area, you may know that my barn/our eventing team is sponsored by Tribute Feeds.  Today, the barn hosted a feed seminar taught by Dr. Burke of Tribute, and in conjunction, they held a used tack consignment sale.  (Believe it or not, I actually ended up leaving the consignment sale with more money than I came with after selling a Thinline pad that turned out to be too big for Connor.  My husband was relieved.)

Being an Equine Studies major, I've had my share of nutrition classes and I'm pretty picky about what Connor gets.  I believe in a high-fat/low-starch diet for both horses and humans, I believe that we should always look at the diet first when trying to solve a physiological issue, and I believe that a nutritionally balanced feeding plan should not require supplementation.  I was also taught to be very wary of feed salesmen in college, and so I was really excited to hear Dr. Burke hit on all three of my major feed beliefs during his presentation.  I've read the labels on what Connor gets (Kalm Ultra) and like what I see (Tribute is a fixed-formula feed, which may as well be my fourth feed belief), but hearing such an educated guy talk intelligently about the merits of having a performance horse on a high-fat diet was awesome.  It felt like being in college again and listening to Dr. Marks in the lab at the barn.

It was also nice to have the social feeling of the consignment sale.  It got a lot of people to the barn that ordinarily we'd only see at shows, and it also got the barn people all together, which normally doesn't happen very often either.  I love having a barn that puts events like that on, bringing in science-based equine educators, and thinks outside of the clinics/lessons box.


  1. sounds like you had a good time, and found it really interesting :)

  2. I put Riva on Kalm Performer last summer and love it - as does Riva! Our barn switched to all Tribute feed recently so now I don't have to buy my own...they provide it.