December 18, 2012

What's on Your Wish List?

The only thing better than shopping is adding things to my Amazon wish list.  Spend hours obsessively reading reviews and dreaming about what I want, decide on a product, and click not the "take my credit card, please!" button, but the one above it that says "add to my wish list so someone else's credit card can take a hit!"  Just kidding.  75% of the things that go on my Amazon wish list (from all sites, not just Amazon) end up being purchased by me, since I use it more like Pinterest and less like a wish list for others.  But since it's Christmas, let's share anyway!  What's on your wish list?  I'll start.

Tredstep Donatellos.  I don't have a choice, either I'm getting or buying these before April - my current tall boots have had it.
A show pad with our hunter green color as a border.

A Micklem...sigh.
A medical armband, because FINALLY in 2013, I will need one!
A winter jacket that is warm without being unnecessarily bulky,  from Horze.
Pony shipping boots, because Connor's going to spend a lot of time on that trailer in 2013.


  1. I love Horze products I have a really nice fleece purple jacket they do and it is just so warm! hehe the wish list has so many things on it for me it would take me to long to write but the top of the wish list my OWN horse

  2. Ahh! I want the tredstep boots. They are so classy looking. You have excellent taste. Why the micklem? Just like it, or are you trying to address a problem?

  3. Oohh! I have the tredsteps and have nothing but good things to say about them. I can't believe how well the fit for the price, not to mention they're just off the shelf. I love that your list totally reflects where you're going - very cool!

  4. I got that exact jacket for my mom for Christmas. It is nice! When I first got it I was worried since it was so light and thin feeling. Then I tried it on. It is WARM. And at 1/2 off, a pretty dag on good deal!

  5. Nice hunter green stuff... :-) Those tall boots look pretty snazzy! My horse wish list has changed in the past year - I went from wanting tack to wanting gravel and sand for my place... lol (oh, and a western show saddle...forgot about that)

  6. Ahh the Tredsteps are very comfy. I had to choose between those and my Sergio' came down to ankle fit and I have a very narrow ankle. The Sergio's won in that department (and consequently broke my checking account). But great boots otherwise and much more reasonably priced!

  7. I tried those boots at Grand Champion in Indy! Sadly, they hurt my feet...but they are lovely boots!

    Top of my wish list is tall boots, also. Ariat's fit well and hoping Santa will slip some under the tree :)

    Next on the list would be a custom painted/embroidered saddle pad made by another blogger.