Trainer Ride

It's cold, there's snow on the ground (again), and I had to skip my lesson this week, but that means Connor got another trainer ride.  I am so fortunate to have a trainer so good with him that I can feel a large and immediate difference the next time I get on, even after just one ride.  It's like she installs a pony software patch or something. :-)  Humor me, I'm at my IT job for another ten minutes on a Friday afternoon!

Come on, warm weather!
Happy weekend, and just think: we are one week closer to green fields, green trees, and SPRING!


  1. Can't wait to spring, it sounds like you have a pretty awesome trainer, she reminds me of mine :)

  2. Good way to look at it! One week down who knows how many more to go! Here in KY we are atleast supposed to get some warmer days next week...

  3. Haha...pony software patch! Love it! :) Can't wait for Spring.

  4. AmberRose, yes, she is really incredible! Hillary, almost 60 here also on Tuesday, but such a tease since it will be 29 on Thursday. Marissa, me too!

  5. Look at that green grass! Can not wait!

  6. Yay for an awesome trainer riding your horse!

    Come on spring!!!


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