February 2, 2013

A Different Kind of Saturday

Since the freak snowstorm on Thursday, I haven't been out to see Connor.  My husband got persistent about asking me when I'd put up the trim in the living room (we re-did the flooring in there almost a year ago, I just haven't got around to finishing everything...) and since we got even more snow today, I decided to hang out with my miter saw instead of my pony:

Those cutouts were previously just drywall.  I'm not sure why any of the previous homeowners thought that was okay, they did nothing but get chipped from people banging into them.
Besides, hopefully in a month or so, it'll be warm enough that I'll be spending every waking moment on Connor, right?  May as well get the house done now!  Surely I'm not alone in that.

How were your Saturdays?


  1. Ah home things! I was super productive the first 2 weeks of January with home things. That kind of slacked off, I'm trying to catch up on some of those things today too!

  2. It's always easier when it's colder, isn't it? Get it done before it turns nice!

  3. Very cool. I am just not that handy... I had a great day! Have been exceptionally lazy since getting home from the barn though. Props to you for getting one of your house projects done :)

  4. Goodness you're a handy girl! I hope your hubby realises how lucky he is :)
    And yes, get all this housey stuff done before the weather improves, otherwise another year whizzes by and it's still not done.

  5. Wow - women of many talents! My Saturdays are pretty mundane...laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. But it is our standard date night, unless there is a horse show :)