February 16, 2013

Hack Out

Braving a high of 25 and a stiff wind, I took Connor out for a hack today.  The sun was shining, that makes it warmer, right?  He was such a good boy for our lesson on Thursday, I wanted to reward him.  I wrapped myself in his cooler and draped the back over him like a quarter sheet, and stayed quite warm.

The first part was spent playing in the field across the road, walking up to all the new fences and pretending each one was a lion before settling down and realizing it was not.  The second was spent walking around the field.  I didn't ask him for anything other than control of his body and mind, but I did focus on keeping my elbows forward and reins longer.  By the end, I'd established a lovely forward walk with him reaching into the bridle with a long neck like he did in my lesson, and coincidentally, that was just when my instructor drove by.  She rubbernecked like she'd just saw a traffic accident, and later told me that he looked 'absolutely great' when she saw us.  Go home team!

As you can see in the photo, we're back to his old green Schneider's blanket of questionable waterproofing. The TuffRider blankets just suck quality-wise, and this is with a pony that is as gentle as possible with his blankets.  Schneider's blankets fit him so well and last so long, I don't think there's any question that I'll be re-waterproofing this heavy and buying another medium for him for next year.


  1. I used to use the cooler the same way before I got a quarter sheet. Works great.
    We buy waterproofing in a spray can from an outdoor store and re-waterproof our blankets every couple of years. Not a good time to do it now, but after you clean it you could refresh the blanket. We have some old Schnider sheets we have done this with. Cheaper than a new blanket.

  2. I can't believe you hacked out today! I had a dressage lesson and it was cold enough indoors! I love my SStack blankets and I also like the Horze one I bought. I was tempted to buy one of the Tuffrider blankets for cheap off of Ebay but I passed after reading your blog entries.

  3. Nicole, I am planning on doing that, glad to hear it works well. I'm planning on buying the Schneider's brand waterproofing stuff, we'll see how it works.

    STH, glad I steered you away from them. I love TuffRider's stuff for the rider, but for the horse, not impressed. Which Horze one do you have? I've been tempted to buy one of them during a 50% off sale but haven't been brave enough yet.

  4. I actually have the fleece lined sheet. It's a great blanket that's between a plain sheet with no fill and a midweight. She wears it on in between days and I use it as a travel rug since it's lighter weight but has fleece in case she's sweaty. I saw their blanket in a tack store and thought it had more fill then I needed, it was more of a heavyweight.

  5. Love my Schneider medium and heavy weight! Riva's heavy weight actually came with Hennessy when we bought him for Alexis - no idea how old it is, but still in great shape. That is why I am so disappointed in the no fill sheet that Riva sweats like a pig in.
    You are a brave lady for riding outside yesterday! Brrrrrr