March 30, 2013

Stock Ties and Show Shirts

Dear eventer friends (and Dressage folk too): speak to me of stock ties.  I am studying photos of eventers, but I'd also like specific product recommendations and you guys are my go-to gurus!

I think I need to get one, but as a former hunter, this piece of apparel has always mystified me and never been something I needed before.  Are they still in style?  What do I need to look for when I buy one?  Pre-tied or self-tie?  Pin, or no pin?  Shiny material, plain cotton material, Coolmax?  Do they really get hot enough for it to matter?

And while we're at it, can I pick your brains about show shirts too?  The only shirts I've ever shown in are long sleeve pastel ratcatcher shirts with embroidered collars for hunters.  What do you wear under your jacket for the Dressage phase?  How about when jackets are waived?  I have a Coolmax shirt that I won on Behind the Bit, but it's blue and shortsleeved, and not okay for when jackets are waived.  Is there a shirt that can do double-duty as a jacket-on and jacket-off shirt? Does any shirt technically serve that purpose due to the stock tie?  Is it better if the shirt has the loops for the tie?  And what do you prefer to wear on the XC course?

So many questions!


  1. You are required to wear a stock tie in eventing for dressage and stadium, unless jackets are waved then you don't need one. I have a pre-tied one that looks just as good and takes less time than the self-tied ones. And you need a pin to hold the two pieces of cloth together.
    And with the shirts, you have to have a white one for dressage,and when jackets are waved you just wear the white shirt. YES YOU WANT LOOPS.
    And for xc you want and need a ALL COTTON SHIRT, don't fall for the stuff that "Wicks away the sweat" DOES NOT WORK!! I have a blue all cotton shirt that works the best. It gets hot during xc anyway, plus body protector, plus if it is hot at the shown the polyester stuff is just horrible

  2. A coat AND neckwear
    B no coat, no neckwear.
    If you wear neckwear, you have to wear a coat.

    You do not need to own a stocktie, you can use a ratchatcher collar, if you use a stocktie I like the pretied ones and purchase a pin that you like. Mine is actually a magnet pin. When coats are waived you can wear your show shirt (I always have short sleeves) or a polo. I have a cotton show shirt that I can unzip the neck on and that isn't see through.


    I like shirts that look like this, there are plenty of options.

  4. I personally love tying my own stock tie! But I understand that some people think it is confusing or just takes more time. Mine is a plain smooth cotton that is easy to work with and get to lay smooth. I have helped other people tie materials that are more hi tech but any extra bulk really makes them harder to look good in my opinion.

  5. I have a Kerrits brand sleeveless white shirt with a zipper that has a stock tie loop - very cool and comfortable for under my dressage jacket. But I will get a short sleeve one this year for when jackets are waived.

    My stock tie is pre-tied, plain white cotton material. I use a stock tie pin with it.

  6. I just bought a FITS waffle shirt and matching stock tie (for stadium and dressage) under my coat ( which will likely be the horseware competition coat I posted about last week-$90!). I will use a pin I think but havent used this shirt before so well see how it works. For cross country I love target athletic shirts. The stretchy light ones? They are perfect under my vest (aeroware outlyne). I'm newer to eventing too.

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