April 2, 2013

Cobby Bloggers

I am so excited to finally get to write a post like this!  When I first started this blog about my experience breaking a young Welsh Cob for a college class in 2010, I had only just met the breed and had never heard of Section D's before - just B's.  Fast forward three years later and I've completely fallen in love with the breed, met Connor's breeder, owned one myself and engaged on a crusade PR campaign to show the world what an awesome breed this is, and how much good, responsible breeders matter to the modern equine industry and the development of the horse as a species.  I am also happy to report that there are others out there who are blogging about their Welsh Cobs and Welsh Cob crosses, two of which are related to Connor.

So, I would like to introduce you to them.  Please stop by and follow these ladies' blogs if you have enjoyed my adventures with Connor.  Cobs are a unique and awesome breed, and I think you'll see common themes in their blog posts that you have come to recognize in mine.

Tell me you can't see Connor in this photo of his older full brother.
Equinpilot:  This is the blog of Connor's full brother, Comrade, and his extended Cob-owning family on the east coast.  They own three Welsh Cobs, including a cheeky hot-shot stallion prospect named Roscoe that can REALLY move!

My Horses Love Eventing: Connor's sire also sired this half-Welsh (Welsh Cob X Dutch Warmblood) cross, which is a great cross that produces an athletic, reasonably-minded moderately-sized horse.  I can't believe more people haven't discovered them yet, honestly.  I just started following and can't wait to watch Rhyme grow up!
She's saying "Hi, I'm a Welsh Cob, not a Clydesdale."  ;-)

Oh Gingersnap!:  This fun (and big, compared to Connor) Cob mare has been a blast to watch develop. She's young, and taking her time to grow up just like Connor has, but is turning into such a nice horse.  She has the big Cob personality that takes up the entire room, I just love it.

Yeah, that's bareback and bridleless.  How cool!

A Dream Come True: Okay, this is not actually a Welsh Cob blog, and because they have tried so hard to keep Gypsy Vanners out of the Cob registry, there is probably a WPCSA PR person cringing out there at this inclusion, but I don't care!  Tarra also has a stout, hairy, athletic, Cobby pony, and I love reading her adventures with Mystic. They totally count.

Dressage Pony: Definitely the most accomplished Cob blogger on this page, Kelly and Sinari have big dreams and goals and are actively reaching them.  She's also one of the most mature Cobs in this lineup, and the furthest along in her training, which is fun for me to see how they act when they are grown up and well-trained.

North Forks Cardi, who became the first Welsh Cob to compete in a CDI Grand Prix last weekend.  So awesome.

Pony Express:  Finally, I would be remiss if I did not include Alanna, who does not currently own a Welsh Cob, but is currently saving her pennies to buy a Cardi baby - a goal I can seriously get behind!


  1. That is awesome! I love finding other Haflinger blogs, so I can imagine how excited you are to find other Welsh Cob blogs and Welsh Cob blogs that event!

  2. Aww...thanks for including me! One of these days I will actually have a welsh cob. :) I love reading about Conner and will have to check out the other blogs you have listed.

  3. Ha, Jen I wish I owned three Cobs, but only two are ours. Peggy our friend owns Comrade and an imported Cob mare Addie. All four are amazing. They are definitely in a class of their own. now to see those other blogs:)

  4. Kelly, yes, I know! She is quite grown up compared to the rest of these guys. Really looking forward to your season this year!

    Nicole, that is why I referred to you guys as an "extended Cob-owning family." :-) Related or not, owners or not, you're all one big happy Cobby family.

  5. I love this! I also own a welsh cob cross (not sure what with, the general consensus is something else M&M, he's 4 years old and just hit 14.1. We live in the UK and Connor reminds me so much of my Sundance that I always laugh about them being transatlantic twins.

  6. Awwww thanks for including us even if we are not in the welsh cob group :) We LOVE keeping up on you and Connor. Cant wait to start our eventing seasons this year!

  7. Thanks for the shout out! I got a Welsh D thinking a smaller horse would be a treat for my short legs- little did I know she'd grow so big and be all pony at heart! Great links to more "cobby" blogs...there goes my morning ;)

  8. I also love these little more chunky horses and ponies, there is that special something in their looks that I found gorgeus. :)

    It's the first time I'm visiting your blog though, good thing about Haynet is that it's easy to find all these great horse blogs. :)

  9. I don't own a cob, but I own a lovely section b mare who is currently being covered by an amazing Arabian stallion for a 2014 Walera :) - She is one of the most amazing,dynamic horses I have EVER met!

  10. I've got a Welsh C X TB cross...this inspires me to restart the blog! We're showing this weekend--will def. post.

    Love your horse/blog

  11. Nice to meet you both, Stephanie and thistimedressage! TTD, please start blogging again, you look like you have a fantastic and fun horse there! I love how 'Naughtiness' is one of the biggest things in your tag cloud. ;) Gotta love the Welsh!