Connor and the Girls

Connor's breeder snapped some photos of the little girl who went straight up to him and bear hugged his chest and then his head yesterday while we had him in the aisle to measure him.  After the hugs, he even lowered his head and kept it there when she put her forehead on his and softly chatted to him, which is what they were doing in the first picture.  He was so gentle and engaged with her, completely focused on her with pricked ears and soft eyes.  Their heads were together for quite a while.

 Even her baby sister got in on the pony action while in her mom's arms, grabbing his halter and petting whatever she could reach.  While that was going on, her sister grabbed a final chest hug, in the second picture.  He took that in stride too.  I just love this breed, and this pony!


  1. Those photos are SO adorable!!! I love the breed and Connor too.

  2. Guess what that little girl wants for Christmas...
    Super cute photo - frame-worthy! What a lovely pony you have.

  3. How adorable is that?! What a good boy Connor!

  4. Wow! Based on this past weekend, looks like returning next year is a definite!

  5. What a cute, good little pony!


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